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Natasha Jade

Natasha Jade


Natasha graduated from Sussex University in 2012, where she studied Mathematics. She decided to escape the hustle and bustle of the West and set off to Southeast Asia to travel and study Yoga and Thai Massage. Although she sold her first painting at the age of 15, it was during her travels that she lay the foundations for her business. She would send artwork back home where the paintings were then sold, which funded her trip.
When she returned to London, she exhibited in Mayfair and Brick Lane. One commission led to another and she began to establish herself as a commission artist – creating works for corporate and residential clients. Natasha’s paintings have been described as texturally dense and alive with colour. She enjoys incorporating items with sentimental value into paintings for clients. It gives the artwork a personal flare, reflecting their personality as well as hers.
After realising that some individuals who wanted to enjoy her art weren’t able to house a painting, Natasha developed her brand ‘Art By Natasha Jade.’ She painted locations including India, Tuscany, Paris and London and featured the artwork on her products. From luxury 100% recycled gift wrap to high-quality prints to greeting cards and bone china mugs, all her products are proudly made in England.
Natasha believes in combining business and creativity, and she has created a brand that is artistically inspiring and continually growing. She incorporates her philosophical view of the world in the way that she manages and runs her company, as well as teaching Yoga in her spare time. Since starting her brand, she has sold well over 100 paintings with a waiting list for commissions.
Jess Murray

Jess Murray

Social Media | Blog | Press

Jess Murray, our Digital Marketing Manager curates our social media and develops our blog. She helps our following gain an insight into the creative process behind the brand at our East London studio. 

Jess has an amazing eye for taking interesting photos that present a side that is not always seen here at our studio. She has a talent for thinking outside the box and spotting press opportunities which might have otherwise passed us by. 2 years ago, Natasha had little to no online presence and since then she has helped us to grow a big following on Instagram and Twitter and a popular blog.

She is also a Singer/Songwriter and boutique co-owner (Past Forward Retro) based in East London. She writes dream-pop, folk and electronica infused tracks. Her music has been used for synchs around the world including an advert for Starbucks.


Leanna Wiggington

Leanna Wiggington

Sales Manager

Leanna Wigginton is our Sales Manager. With her enthusiastic love of people and dynamic character, she maintains relationships with clients and buyers, and excels in customer service. Her quirky outlook brings further creativity and diversity to the brand.

Leanna and Natasha have the same ideals and colourful outlook on life. Their journey together started at a friend’s dinner party. Leanna offered to help with sales and sure enough after just a few months Natasha’s greeting cards were stocked in shops all over London. Since then they have become good friends and continue to work together expanding Natasha’s brand, marveling at all the wonders of the world together.

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