“one kind word can change someone’s entire day”

The oil paintings of Natasha Jade have a special vibrancy and dynamic power that ensures they really stand out. Beautiful colours sometimes merged with glass, porcelain and cloth adding another dimension to her artwork, have an instant and long lasting appeal. While her watercolours of flowers are dramatically different, with their delicacy of design, lightness of colours and charming ethereal mood.

Already in big demand, this is somebody to watch, as one senses there is a lot more to come……….
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David Warren

Senior International Director, Christie's

We now have the amazing “Two Souls Meeting” living in our home in California. The first time we saw one of Natasha’s art pieces, while visiting London years ago, we knew we needed to have a piece of her spirit, her joy, her work, in our collection. artbynatashajade made the purchase and shipping to us here in the USA very easy and we received our piece seemingly within days, in perfect condition. Thank you, again, Natasha Jade…we just love it!

The Matthews’s Family

(Huntington Beach, California)

We love the watercolour painting, Natasha created for us. We wanted the two of us with our favourite quotation by Khalil Gibran. She took our photograph and a while later a beautiful painting arrived. It is unique, colourful and commemorates our celebration, perfectly.

Ann and Lizzie


I feel very fortunate to own a beautiful artwork of Tuscany by Natasha. She came to see the space beforehand and was very careful to consider the light and the surroundings so that it would fit in perfectly. When I first saw the artwork she had created for the space, I was very moved – it is full of texture, colour and vibrancy – you can see all the care and detail that has gone into creating it. Thank you – I’ll treasure it

Laura Solomons

London, UK

Natasha created for us a stunning triptych inspired by our shared love of Tuscany, Umbria and the artist Niki de Saint Phalle. The paintings beautifully capture the colours and light of rural Italy and add a very special touch to our living space. Natasha was wonderful to work with and very professional. Grazie

Andy Sapir

(St Albans, UK)

I met Natasha in India and fell in love with one of her India paintings as it so beautifully depicted one of the places we experienced together. When picking up my painting, I instantly noticed a Hampstead Heath canvas amongst her work, capturing a view I enjoy many times and I am now the happy owner of both – reminding me every morning of the beauty of her art, a very uplifting experience.

Manuela Zwingmann Wood

(London, UK)

Thank you again for your brilliant work – your Hamsa watercolour has sold on the very first day of the Kickstarter campaign going live!

Diane Samuels

(London, UK)

I bought two sets of mugs to take to the USA as presents for family over there, it’s great to be able to give unique gifts!  The design of the mugs are very attractive and they were beautifully packaged and boxed so that I didn’t have to even wrap them before packing them – thank you Natasha

Love from Loren x

Loren Loeb

We have the butterfly series. Three beautiful paintings that make our home look so much better. We love Natasha’s work and have two watercolors in addition!

Platt family

(Atlanta, GA)

Your art provides a big burst of vibrancy & colour, which makes us very happy!! I don’t know the name of the particular piece that we bought from you & actually it doesn’t matter; this is because the stacked up buildings dotted with gold & mirror shavings conjure up a different image, memory or scene for all our friends who look at it!!

Ali Garfinkel

(London, UK)

My house is full of  these beautiful, colourful, uplifting works. When I look at them I  feel happy.  This is an artist to watch closely.

Luna Bel

(London, UK)

I love Natasha’s paintings, I put them all over my house because they brighten up my home!

Gili Ingall

(London, UK)

Everyone who comes into the house comments on the painting as it has such zing.

Sarah Manson

(London, UK)

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