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A few weeks ago a client asked me to create a painting for her husband’s 60th birthday present inspired by  one of his favourite things in the world – Bamba crisps. I was a little bit nervous at first as I would be using a material that was not familiar to me, but as Bamba crisps had a sentimental value to the client, I was really excited to put their brief into fruition.

Using the crisp packets as a starting point, I decided to let go of my fear of doing something new and enjoy the process of creating the painting! As well as incorporating the crisp packets within the painting, I experimented with other mixed materials. I especially enjoyed creating a mosaic by cutting up old cd’s and pieces of an old mirror.

I am now very grateful to this client as this commission has opened up an exciting new avenue of work for me. I can now encorporate materials that have sentimental value to a client and create bespoke tailor made art. I can work with any budget and any size to create a piece of work that centres around a client’s memorabilia.

I’m happy to say that the birthday boy was thrilled with his gift and celebrated with a large packet of Bamba crisps!


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