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Sun Salutation

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This piece was inspired by the Sun Salutation which is a form of prayer originating from the ancient yogis in India. The Sun Salutation traditionally has twelve positions which make up a continuous flowing movement. Each position is dedicated to one of the twelve names of the sun.

The Sun Salutations are one of Natasha’s favourite yogic practices and being so inspired by the beauty and elegance of this practice and the names of the sun, she decided to paint her own salutation to the sun.

As the colours of the paint flowed from her hand to the canvas, the sun salutations turned into a face. So now this work has become the Sun God, ruler of the sun salutations.

These 12 names of the sun, translated from Sanskrit to English are: The friend of all, The one who is praised by all, The guide of all, The bestower of beauty, The stimulator of the senses, The nourisher of all, The creator, The destroyer of disease, The inspirer, The purifier, The radiant and The Illuminator. Each swirl of the Sun God is a depiction of a different name of the sun.

Oil on canvas | Mixed media | Mosaic | 150 x 100cm


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